Prairie Sky Falcons

If you are interested in a bird for 2020 please send us an email with your information.

We would like to inform our present and future clients that Lynn Oliphant and Paddy Thompson are retiring from falcon breeding. After 40 years the time has come to pass on what we have learned over the years to a younger generation. Rick and Gail Bryne will be taking over the Prairie Sky breeding program under the guidance of Lynn and Paddy in the short term. As such we have reduced our breeding stock to 1 pair for now: Flintar (m) and Hermione (f). Both of these birds are proven game hawks in the tradition of Prairie Sky Falcons.. This pair are pure Canadian anatum peregrines and will continue the blood line we developed over the many years. Lynn and Paddy will contribute their hunting falcons to the project as they reach maturity, but will not be actively involved in the day to day operation during the breeding season. For those that have received our falcons in the past we hope they measured up to your standards. Thank you for your support over the years.

Fanny On Phjeasant

Our facility was created to produce and offer for sale top quality anatum peregrines for game hawking. We have limited our breeding stock to pure Canadian anatum peregrines from our own line of great hunting falcons. We have personally flown four generations of this line or have seen others flown originating from this successful line of peregrines.

When you dedicate as much time to our birds and our sport why would you settle for anything less than the best?? We achieve this first by line breeding our falcons then raising and training them with our unique Tame Hacking process.

Thank You for considering a premium peregrine from Prairie Sky Falcons for you falconry needs. You won't be disappointed.